Puberty: The Wonder Years – Curriculum for Students Ages 9-13

Puberty: the Wonder Years
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“I know puberty education is important…what do I say?”

“What if I say the wrong thing?”

Are you feeling nervous about how to talk to your students or your children about puberty? Are you afraid you might say the wrong thing or not know enough? Is your puberty curriculum out of date or nonexistent? Are you teaching internationally? Have you searched for Spanish language resources?

Never fear! You can do it with The Puberty Lady’s help.

Teachers, do you want easy-to-use puberty curriculum, resources, and online training to teach puberty education in an international setting? Do you need Spanish language resources?

Parents and caregivers, do you want resources to learn how to talk to your kids? Do you want Spanish language resources?

Teachers and parents, when you teach children about puberty, you are protecting children from abuse and equipping them for a safe, healthy, happy life. What could possibly be more important than that? Let me show you how to make puberty education easy and fun… in English and Spanish. You can be that trusted adult who prepares children for a positive puberty experience!


Puberty: The Wonder Years is taught all over the world!

International Sales Map 2021
Australia, Canada, Ecuador, Iran, Morocco, Nicaragua, South Africa, Thailand, United States

Listen to what teachers and administrators say
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